Tennis Tip: Think Like A Basketball Player

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Tennis Tip: Think Like A Basketball Player

Kobe Bryant jumps up to score 15/6/2008Switch up your mentality and think of tennis with a basketball player mindset.

Think Like a Basketball player? Yes, you heard right.

If you watch a good basketball team one big factor stands out – all the players are constantly moving and looking to help out their teammates. The players who don’t have the ball can only help if they are moving and attempting to get to an open position…

The same quality should apply to a good doubles tennis team. For example, if your partner hits a great offensive shot that gives you the chance to poach and potentially put away the point for your team but you don’t recognize it or don’t take the opportunity then your team has missed an opportunity to complete the play. A great return in doubles that gives you an easy volley has to be thought of as an “assist” by your partner. With this mentality, you can focus on the idea of teamwork. The only way you can be part of the play is by keeping your feet moving even when you are not hitting the ball and therefore being ready to pounce on any put away shot that comes your way.

See you on the court!


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