Tennis Tip: Be Positive with your words

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re sounding like a broken record with your athletes? If you are getting a little tired of hearing the same things come out of your mouth- it’s a safe bet that your players are starting to tune you out. Here’s a list of 23 *new* ways to say “Good Job” to your team. 1) You’re on the right track now! 2) You’ve got it made. 3) You’re really working hard today. 4) You are very good at that. 5) I’m proud of the way you worked today. 6) That’s the best you’ve ever done. 7) I knew you could do it. 8) You are learning fast. 9) Couldn’t have done it better myself. 10) You did it that time! 11) Nothing can stop you now. 12) That’s the way to do it. 13) You’ve got your brain in gear today. 14) That was first class work. 15) That’s better than ever. 16) You must have been practicing. 17) Good job, (person’s name) 18) You outdid yourself today! 19) Good going. 20) Now you have the hang of it. 21) Sensational! 22) That’s the way! 23) Aren’t you proud of yourself? I’m a big believer in catching kids doing things RIGHT. It’s way more fun to call out a kid doing something correctly than one doing something wrong (for you and the kid). But as coaches, we usually spend more time pointing out mistakes than pointing out the good.

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