August, 2011

August Promotion – $30 Off EX03 Racquets

Click Here if you are having trouble viewing this email to view an online HTML version August 5, 2011 Want a glimpse at the future of tennis? Watch this video to see the reason why the next generation of champions (including more than 80 #1 ranked juniors around the world) are choosing EXO3 racquet technology! The game IS changing. Use this $30 off special to arm yourself with tomorrow’s...

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Tennis Tip: Be Positive with your words

Do you sometimes feel like you’re sounding like a broken record with your athletes? If you are getting a little tired of hearing the same things come out of your mouth- it’s a safe bet that your players are starting to tune you out. Here’s a list of 23 *new* ways to say “Good Job” to your team. 1) You’re on the right track now! 2) You’ve got it made. 3)...

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