March, 2011

Tennis Tip: Think, Prioritize, Win!

Developing correct priority thinking when learning and playing tennis is essential. For instance, take consistency and hitting winners. Both should become a part of your game plan. But the mental priority should flow from consistency to hitting winners in a winning strategy. Attempting to hit winners without a base of consistency is like trying to build a building without a foundation. You may...

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USTA Joins Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama

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Tennis Tip of the Month…Late Much?

One of the most common groundstroke errors coaches see their pupils make, day in, day out, is – starting the backswing too late. By the time your opponents shot has travelled a foot or two from his or her racquet, you know if your next shot will be a forehand or a backhand. This is the time you should start your backswing. But many players are still in the ready position when the ball bounces on...

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